I was suffering from two auto-immune diseases, causing needle-like shocks that radiated throughout my legs. I wound up losing my ability to drive and pretty much was confined to a wheelchair. Within three months of starting on Reliv, I was preaching at church standing on my feet, rather than sitting in a chair. The other day, I hiked to a fishing pond with a four-pound pack on my back! I never before realized the importance of great nutrition for our bodies.
— Manley Lane

LunaRich X™ - Lunasin Extract

Most pure Lunasin available from non-GMO soy. The benefits of soy are well-established, and new research has identified the nutritional component largely responsible: lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide. LunaRich X™ is the most pure, concentrated form of lunasin ever produced — more than 200 times the potency of high quality soy protein. In addition to its own health benefits — from cholesterol reduction to overall cellular health — LunaRich X™ powers up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products.    

60 Capsules      Retail: $40.00              Buy in bulk! As low as $24.00

120 Capsules     Retail: $80.00               Buy in bulk! As low as $48.00

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Reliv NOW® 

Take the guess work out of the vitamin pill game with the Reliv NOW®.  Reliv NOW® is made with LunaRich® soy powder.  It is a mixture of over 72 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and super-powered antioxidants.  Reliv NOW® is built on the latest findings in nutrition science. It's uniquely effective formula delivers a balanced array of the most advanced ingredients to give your body what it needs to thrive. Why settle for ‘fine’ when you can feel ‘great!’?  

Reliv NOW® is vegetarian, certified Kosher and Halal. Ideal for those with lactose intolerance and contains no animal compounds, artificial preservatives or trans fats. Read More.   

30 Servings        Retail: $55.00              Buy in bulk! As low as $33.00


GlucAffect® - Blood Sugar Management

Clinically shown to help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support weight loss. And now this patented formula has added the cholesterol-lowering power of Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich™ soy powder. Read More.

45 Servings    Retail:  $70.00                 Buy in bulk! As low as $42.00              


Reliv NOW for Kids®

Kid's Nutrition, Focus, Prevention with LunaRich®: The statistics are alarming: one-third of American children are obese or overweight while only a small percentage are meeting recommended dietary guidelines. Reliv Now for Kids® can help your family bridge the nutritional gap. Essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients give growing bodies what they need to thrive. Advanced ingredients boost energy and mental performance. And Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich® soy powder maximizes the documented health benefits of soy.  Read More.

15 Servings     Retail:  $32.00                 Buy in bulk! As low as $19.20              


SoySentials® - Women's Nutrition

SoySentials’® unique blend of soy protein, potent antioxidants, probiotics and herbs gives you an unparalleled nutritional approach to women’s health. The formula is powered by Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich® soy powder, developed by leading scientists to maximize soy’s documented health benefits. Ingredients work together to promote bone health, support the immune system and ease the symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and PMS to keep you performing at your peak. Read More. 

15 Servings        Retail:  $44.00              Buy in bulk! As low as $26.40              


ProVantage® - Sport Performance and Muscle Nutrition

Most of us don’t come close to consuming the nutrients we need to keep our bodies performing at their peak. ProVantage® meets the nutritional needs of physically active people to improve performance, endurance, recovery and repair. Powered by Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich® soy powder, this patented formula delivers 13 grams of muscle-building soy protein, plus other advanced ingredients like Tonalin®, MCTs, Creatine, CoQ10 and supercharged amino acids. ProVantage marks a major advancement in the science of sports nutrition. It’s the edge you’ve been looking for.  Read More

15 Servings      Retail:  $44.00                Buy in bulk! As low as $26.40               


Simplicity® - WeightLoss Meal Replacement

Finally — a meal replacement shake that actually satisfies your hunger and delivers real nutrition for real results. Slimplicity® is loaded with advanced ingredients to rev up your metabolism and keep you feeling fuller, longer. Meanwhile, LunaRich® soy powder works at the epigenetic level in your cells to promote healthy gene expression, and optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and protein fuel your body throughout the day. That’s why people who use Slimplicity® feel so much better and can stick to the program. With Slimplicity® you feel great while you lose weight.    Read More.

15 Servings     Retail:  $38.00                 Buy in bulk! As low as $22.80       

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