My husband decided to try Reliv to help manage his blood sugar. His numbers greatly improved and his energy and stamina are still on the rise. The swelling in his legs is also much better, and the circulation in his feet has improved. He’s never without Reliv now. He’s no spring chicken, but he feels like one!
— Karleen Tutton
I had been battling high blood sugar for 15 years. Just a scoop of GlucAffect with my morning coffee for the last year and a half and my blood sugar values are back in the normal range. Reliv makes me feel like a young man again!
— Fernando Estrella
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Metabolic Syndrome

The symptoms of high blood sugar can cause very serious long-term damage to your body — even if you feel fine.

A cluster of symptoms including high blood sugar, obesity and cardiovascular problems has reached epidemic proportions. Excess weight, particularly around the waistline, is the biggest contributor to metabolic syndrome. A person with metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times more likely to develop diabetes. Other silent symptoms include eye, kidney and nervous system damage over time. Click here to learn about GlucAffect®, a revolutionary formula that brings together — for the first time ever — many cutting-edge nutritional ingredients clinically shown to support blood sugar management and promote overall health and wellness.

Genetics and Chronic Disease

You may have heard that certain chronic diseases — including obesity and type II diabetes — can be genetic. But new groundbreaking research is uncovering a higher level of complexity beyond genetic variation. Even better news: proper nutrition can produce positive changes at this higher level.

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A recent article by the Associated Press highlighted new data the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project recently published in Nature – the international weekly journal of science.

“The scientific establishment has finally acknowledged that there is more than just DNA or the genome to explain how chronic diseases develop and how the environment, like nutrition and lifestyle, can have profound effects in altering our health,” said Dr. Alfredo Galvez, renowned research scientist at the Center of Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at UC Davis and lead scientific advisor at the Missouri Plant Science Center.

One of the most exciting discoveries in the fight against metabolic syndrome was discovered by Dr. Galvez: a soy peptide called lunasin. Lunasin works beyond the genome at the epigenomic level to promote optimal health. Changes in the epigenome can cause symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome. Lunasin attaches to the histones and helps the epigenome function properly, so that these changes do not occur in the cells.


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