Your genes are the “genome”, the blueprint of life, the DNA who makes you who you are.  Your DNA cannot be changed.  However, your lifestyle choices affect how your genes express themselves. The soy peptide lunasin is the first dietary ingredient identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health on the epigenetic level.  With lunasin, you really can take control of your health.  Epigenetics holds the key to a healthier future. 

Phase I: Macronutrients

  • Planning meals to stay healthy
  • Protein, fat, carbohydrates    
  • Function at the basic physiological level

Phase II:  Micronutrients    

  • Function at the systemic level
  • Basis for 20th century nutrition research
  • Vitamins, minerals


Phase III: Bioactive Compounds

   -Phytochemicals, peptides, isoflavones
   -Function at the epigenetic level
   -Nutrition-medical Innovation for the 21st Century

Lunasin is the first bioactive compound proven to affect gene espression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level.

History of Lunasin

1996:     Lunasin discovered by Dr. Alfredo Galvez at UC Berkeley.

1999:     FDA approves heart health claim for soy protein.

2008:    Dr. Galvez presents lunasin's epigenetic mechanism of action for lowering cholesterol. 

2009:    Soy Labs awarded US patent for mechanism of action.


2011:      Missouri Plant Science Center opens, Reliv partners with Soy Labs and Missouri Plant Science Center.  

2012:    Reliv introduces LunaRich® soy powder by adding them to some of their products

2012:     Dr. Galvez presents the lunasin research in front of the American Heart Association's conference.

2013:     Reliv launches LunaRich X capsules for concentrated form and easy use.


Missouri Plant Science Center & Reliv

Reliv International is a publicly held food science company whose manufacturing and research is out of St Louis Missouri.  This is Reliv's 25th year in business.  Reliv has 9 patented formulations and many clinical trials.

The MPSC (Missouri Plant Science Center) is a truly novel concept. Through an unprecedented collaboration among universities, industry and government, the Center is designed to provide companies with a platform to encourage innovation and aggressive growth. As such, the MPSC rivals any facility of its kind in the world.

Through its partnership with the MPSC, Reliv will gain greater access to:

  • the latest soy and plant biotechnology research
  • government, university and corporate partner resources
  • opportunities for Reliv clinical studies
  • industry and mainstream media exposure
  • exclusive ingredient innovations

Further studies and research will be coming out over the next few months.