Cholesterol Benefits

I have a family history of heart disease. So even though I’ve always exercised and eaten right, I learned at a routine physical that my cholesterol was through the roof. I started on Reliv and saw results within months. At my last physical, my numbers were better than they were 25 years ago!
— Mark Gauger

The scientific community acknowledges the heart health benefits of soy, a claim validated in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration. Studies show that lunasin, a naturally occurring peptide found in soy, is largely responsible for soy’s cholesterol-lowering properties.   

Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the geneticist who discovered lunasin in 1996,  presented his work on lunasin at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions (Session on Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Prevention) on Nov. 5, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA.  Over 75 invited speaker sessions, 18,000 professional attendees and 105 countries were represented at the AHA Scientific Sessions.  The AHA published his findings.

Dual-Action Lunasin

 Cholesterol comes from two sources: dietary intake and our body’s own production in the liver. Over 80% of cholesterol comes from the liver, so the most effective way to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol is to control the liver’s internal production. The lunasin in LunaRich does so in two ways:

  • Selectively disrupts a step in the production of an enzyme key to cholesterol synthesis in the liver.
  • Increases the number of receptors available in liver cells to clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Your body needs a minimum level of cholesterol for proper cellular function. Cholesterol is produced in the liver by the HMG-CoA reductase gene. Simply blocking HMG-CoA can lead to health problems.  Lunasin targets cholesterol at an earlier stage, reducing the HMG-CoA without blocking it entirely. The result is cholesterol-lowering benefits without disrupting the body’s normal functioning.


After I donated a kidney, the doctors were concerned about my cholesterol. I started taking Reliv Now with LunaRich, and my numbers got back where they needed to be after just a few months.
— Juanita Jachetta
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